Our Miami Vice Remix TPB is in Previews! (SEP15 0491)

This is it!  The explosive comics series in one explosive book! Iconoclastic creators Joe Casey and Jim Mahfood turn the world of Miami Vice on its head in a way that’s got to be seen to be believed! Detectives Sonny Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs are taking on crime in a city rampant with danger at every turn! An ‘80s classic is now reimagined for a bold, new audience!


Our Andre The Giant: Closer To Heaven graphic novel is in Previews! (SEP15 0492)

I’m happy to work with Eisner nominated writer Brandon Easton and illustrator Denis Medri to create an officially sanctioned illustrated biography of Andre the Giant.

Jean Ferre. Monster Eiffel Tower. Fezzik. These were alter egos for the internationally acclaimed pro wrestling superstar known as Andre the Giant, who thrilled audiences worldwide with his unmatched charisma and remarkable athleticism. Despite his astonishing popularity, few really knew the man behind the curtain-the man born in the French countryside named Andre Roussimoff. Showing signs of gigantism at an early age, Andre decided to use his size to his advantage and entered the wild world of professional wrestling. From his first day in the squared circle, those close to him knew that a legend was born.
This lavishly illustrated biography of Andre the Giant charts his entire life from the earliest days on his family’s farm to his blockbuster feuds with the biggest wrestling stars of all time, exploring the dark side of fame and fortune along the way.

Andre the Giant


Our Airwolf: AirStrikes TPB is in Previews! (JUN15 0491)

Airwolf is back!  Hawke, Santini, and the coolest attack chopper ever made return in this epic reimagining of the hit TV classic! Airwolf, the nuclear-powered helicopter, is featured in this blistering anthology of stand-alone thrillers that redefines the classic for a new generation! I’ve assembled some great comics talent including Mike Baron, Barbara Kesel, Marc Andreyko, Rob M. Worley, Marc Bernardin, Adam Freeman and Jeff Mariotte among others to deliver some amazing stories with the help of fabulous art from Jean Froes, Fabiano Neves, Billy King and Jason Johnson!


Our Rampage Jackson TPB in Previews! (AUG15 0459)

I worked hard on this book to craft stories with talented writers/artists to make Rampage’s book as awesomely over the top and fun as he is so I especially enjoyed this quote! “On any given page, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson is either fighting a mutated dinosaur, stopping evil clones of himself, turning into a werewolf, or traveling through a villain’s electrified body into interdimensional space.
Kudos to Shannon Eric Denton, Mike Baron, Barbara Randall Kesel, Marc Bernardin, Adam Freeman, Fabian Nicieza, Tom Peyer, Martin Pasko, Adam Beechen, Leonardo Romero, Fabiano Neves, David Gorden, Lorenzo Lizana, and everyone else who teamed up here to bring superheroes back.” -Jesse Post #comics  #IDW   #LionForge   #RampageJackson



My 2015 San Diego Comic-Con Panel Schedule!

Miami Vice 30th Anniversary Retrospective

Talent from the original smash hit NBC primetime series including Michael Talbott(Det. Stanley Switek), Olivia Brown (Det. Switek), Edward James Olmos (Lt. Castillo), writer Anthony Yerkovich (creator of Miami Vice), writer Jonathan London (Miami Vice graphic novel) will join Lion Forge Comics editor-in-chief Shannon Eric Denton to discuss the enduring legacy of the show that spawned decades of neo-noir cop shows to follow, and the music, the colors, the alligators, and the action that made it such a hit.

Thursday July 9, 2015 6:00pm – 7:00pm
Room 29AB


Just What Does an Editor Do?

Join Barbara Randall Kesel (DC/Dark Horse/CrossGen), Mike Marts(AfterShock/Marvel/DC), Eddie Berganza (DC), Diana Schutz (Dark Horse), Joe Illidge(CBR, DC), Shannon Eric Denton (Lion Forge/Actionopolis) for agreement and debate as they cover some of the many answers to that question.

Friday July 10, 2015 4:00pm – 5:00pm
Room 32AB


Andre the Giant: The Man Behind the Legend

The beloved pro wrestler’s daughter Robin Christensenjoins the creative team of Lion Forge’s authorized graphic novel biography includeing Brandon Easton (Andre the Giant: Closer to Heaven) and Shannon Eric Denton (editor-in-chief, Lion Forge Comics) to discuss the real man known as the “Eighth Wonder of the World.” Join this panel to reminisce about one of sports entertainment’s most legendary figures. Surprise guests will be featured.

Saturday July 11, 2015 11:00am – 12:00pm
Room 29AB


Comic Industry Editorial Panel 2015

Chris Ryall (editor-in-chief for IDW), Matt Hawkins (publisher for Top Cow Productions), Barbara Kesel (editor), and Shannon Eric Denton (editor-in-chief for Lion Forge) discuss the editorial and overall process of creating comic books in today’s changing climate of publishers and fandom. Moderated by Vince Hernandez(VP/editor-in-chief, Aspen Comics).

Saturday July 11, 2015 12:00pm – 1:00pm
Room 4