D-Day, June 6th

Hey, if ya know a WWII vet tell them thanks today. Today is the anniversary of the Normandy landings. If you’re in New Orleans check out the D-Day/WW2 museum.

Operation Overlord
The plan for Operation Overlord entailed landing nine divisions of sea and airborne troops, over 150,000 men, along a 50-mile stretch of coast in just 24 hours.

On D-Day, three airborne divisions, one British and two American, would drop behind the landing beaches. Their job,seize beach exits, capture key transportation and communication points, and block German counterattacks.

Six divisions would assault the five landing beaches. Each beach had a code name. Utah Beach was assigned to the U.S. 4th Division. The US 29th and 1st Divisions would land at Omaha Beach. Further east, the British 50th Division would assault Gold Beach and the Canadian 3rd Division would attack at Juno Beach. The British 3rd Division would take Sword Beach.

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