Actionopolis Books hit the shelves!

Komikwerks, LLC announced today that the first four books of Actionopolis new line of illustrated prose novels for young readers is set to arrive in comics shops on Wednesday, September 27th.

Comics shop patrons will be the first to be able to purchase the books when four of the initial seven titles will arrive in stores next Wednesday.

The titles include:

  • The Forest King” written by Dan Mishkin (creator of “Blue Devil” and “Amethyst”)and illustrated by Tom Mandrake (“Batman” and “The Spectre”)
  • What I did on my Hypergalactic, Interstellar Summer Vacation” written by Adam Beechen (“Robin” and “Justice League Unlimited”) and illustrated by Dan Hipp (“The Amazing Joy Buzzards”)
  • Heir to Fire” written by Rob M. Worley (“Young Ancient One” and “Advent Rising”) and illustrated by Mike Dubisch (“Dungeons & Dragons”)
  • Spirit of the Samurai” written by Gary Reed (“Renfield” and “Saint Germaine”) and illustrated by Rick Hoberg (“Star Wars” and “Ultimate Avengers II”)

Additional Actionopolis titles are set to ship the next week on October 4th. The second wave will include:

  • Blackfoot Braves Society” written by Christopher E. Long (?Easy Way? and ?X-Men Unlimited?) with illustrations by Michael Geiger (EIDOS games)
  • The Anubis Tapestry” written and illustrated by Bruce Zick (?Finding Nemo?, ?The Universal Intergalactic Discovery Company?)
  • Zombie Monkey Monster Jamboree” written by JJ Hart (award winning author of numerous comics and young adult books) and illustrated by Will Meugniot (director of “Ultimate Avengers II”)

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