Zapt! #2 is on the way from Tokyopop!

The holidays are approaching so remember, ZAPT! makes a fabulous stocking stuffer for all your nieces and nephews!

TokyoPop is debuting a line of “Manga Readers” – manga being the Japanese art form of graphic novels. These books spare 8- to 12-year-old readers the challenge of having to read from back to front, and from right to left, as with traditional manga. They’re slick, easy to follow and all-action.


written by Entertainment Weekly reviewed authors SHANNON ERIC DENTON & KEITH GIFFEN. Illustrated by Armand Villavert Jr.

ZAPT! : Volume One

BINC: 8321836

ISBN: 1598165887

Diamond Order Number: APR06 3371 ZAPT VOL 1

Meet Armand Jones–a typical boy from small town U.S.A. Doesn’t like his teachers. Doesn’t like homework. Can’t stand the bullies constantly harassing him on the bus every day. But what he really won’t like is getting ZAPT! Armand is about to be inducted into the ranks of the Pan-galactic Order Of Police, where, like it or not, he’ll have to save alien princesses, outwit marauding space thugs and still have to be home in time for dinner! Being a kid is about to get a whole lot harder!

ZAPT! : Volume Two

BINC: 8592232

ISBN: 1598165895

It’s the continuing adventures of Armand Jones, who’s just been inducted into the ranks of the P.O.O.P Corp to save alien civilizations, defeat invading armadas and battle scurvy space pirates…all before recess!

Trade Paperback, 96 Pages, TOKYOPOP, $5.99

Designed for mid-grade readers, ZAPT! is part of Tokyopop?s Manga Readers line, featuring youth-oriented stories, in an easy-to-digest 96-page format.

Here’s a sneak peak at the cover to issue number 2!

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