TABULA RASA gets nice reviews from Penguin & DIAMOND Comics!

“So, just what is Tabula Rasa? It is, simply put, a dang good Comic story and what looks like it could be a really good movie if done right.

The story deals with a dying cop who has his soul moved into the body of an almost indestructible Golem by a Rabbi; and now the cop must deal with those that killed him within seven days or lose his soul for good.

I was impressed with the story, but even more so with the way the art itself lent to the over all flavor of the story. Matt Jacobs has done a great job delivering an image to the reader of oppressive heat, humidity, and lots of creepy bugs skittering around.

Very well done, Mr. Jacobs.

The book is filled with action, suspense and not a little humor, both from the Rabbi and the Cop. Frankly, I think we need more Rabbi’s like this. I don’t want to spoil the story to much for you, but the reasons behind the Rabbi’s actions will make complete sense.
If you have not seen this one, go seek it out while you have the chance. It is a first class book.”

Thanks Penguin! And now for what DIAMOND COMICS has to say about us….

“Eisner Award-winning writer/artist Keith Giffen and Cartoon Network writer Shannon Denton join rising star artist Matt Jacobs for Tabula Rasa #1 (JUL06 1677, $4.99), a supernatural thriller that explores life beyond death and the pursuit of righteous vengeance.

Known for his diversity, Giffen?s long, storied comic book career has made him a fan-favorite writer, and collaborator Denton?s earlier forays into comics were critically acclaimed, successful alternative fare. With that caliber of writing power behind it, readers should find this standalone tale both thought provoking and exciting. Furthermore, crime drama with a supernatural subtext has become an extremely popular comic book genre in recent years, attracting many nontraditional horror and science fiction readers.

In this provocative one-shot, a dying cop mysteriously has his soul transported into the body of a nearly unstoppable, clay version of himself. Now, he has only seven days to exact his revenge on those who killed him ? or lose his soul forever. However, before he can take out his killers, he must first discover their identities and track them down. Combining human drama, a desperate race against time and spiritual themes in one rollercoaster ride of adventure, this book has it all! “

Thanks Diamond!

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