Hope everyone’s having a happy and safe Martin Luther King day. Take time today to celebrate what the day is about. Also an old buddy and supertalented artist Drew Posada just passed away. Brian Haberlin did a great job describing Drew in the following release…

“A week before last a good friend and supremely talented artist Drew Posada (but he usually only signed Drew on his pieces) passed away unexpectedly.

I met Drew and his twin brother Alex back in 1993 when I was first starting the Top Cow coloring department. I went to pick them up at the airport but as a joke on me they never told me they were identical twins ? they even dressed the same! The men in black, from the top of their cowboy hats to the tips of their cowboy boots. Immediately, I was taken with Drew, his Elvis like drawl and his kick ass attitude ? he really succeeded in pushing the envelope in those early days of computer coloring. But he was more than just a colorist he one of those guys who could do it all and I?m sure would rather be remembered for his beautiful digital paintings of the female form than any coloring job he ever did. He was also one of those guys who would do anything for a friend.

He will be missed. We offer our deepest condolence to Drew’s family and friends.”

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