TAG & 10 Trade Paperback is out!

Giffen’s TAG tpb came out last week from BOOM. Some really nice dark, horrific stuff in that little gem. And I got a story in there as well…

“BONUS: Included in TPB form for the first time as an “extra” is Giffen’s and my “10” one-shot — ten innocent people become unwilling contestants in a game of death. Given 10 bullets and a gun, it’s kill or be killed as they’re forced to hunt the other 10 contestants! In the dark, horrific tradition of Battle Royale!”

So pick up TAG and get a little 10! And check out Andy Kuhn’s stunning artwork on our story. That guy is amazing.

Keith Giffen Shannon Denton Andy Kuhn Boom 10 Ten
Ten Keith Giffen Shannon Denton Boom Andy Kuhn

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