3:10 TO YUMA, Jesse James, and ADAM BEECHEN!

Well, it has been a great Labor Day Weekend so far. My buddy Adam Beechen (writer of animation and comics fame) came in for a signing at Spazdog Comics as well as Atomic Comics. In addition to signing comic fare like ROBIN, he was signing his Actionopolis novel WHAT I DID ON MY HYPERGALACTIC INTERSTELLAR SUMMER VACATION! Good times.

robin hench justice league

And to top off the weekend I went to see 3:10 TO YUMA last night. Great movie! Now if Hollywood would just get its act together and make more GOOD Westerns like this one, I’d be a happy camper. Keeping my fingers crossed that THE ASSASSINATION OF JESSE JAMES BY THAT COWARD ROBERT FORD is just as good.

western cowboys gunfighters
Brad Pitt

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