GRAVESLINGER from Shadowline/Image Comics!

GRAVESLINGER is a new supernatural Western from Image Comics’s SHADOWLINE Imprint. Created by Shannon Eric Denton and Jeff Mariotte.

“Mariotte, Denton, and Cboins are creators whose love of comics pours onto the page. Graveslinger is a definite must-read!”- Steve Niles: (creator of 30 DAYS OF NIGHT)

“Graveslinger is a hard drivin’, rip-snortin’ tale of cowboys and zombies that brings to Old West to life in all its mythical widescreen glory — the clever writing and gritty art means you can practically smell the gunpowder, sense the dusty ground tremble under thundering hooves…and feel the creeping horror of supernatural menace!” –
Javier Grillo-Marxuach (Producer on tv’s LOST and MEDIUM and creator of the Viper Comic’s THE MIDDLEMAN)

” Graveslinger combines two genres that I truly love–Westerns and Zombie horror. What other reason do you need to check out this cool new book? ” –Joe Madureira (artist on MARVEL’S ULTIMATES)

“Denton, Mariotte, and Cboins deliver the goods to the undead in this beautifully drawn pistol packing epic. When do we get the Graveslinger/Jonah Hex crossover, guys?” – Jimmy Palmiotti (Co-creator of the SciFi Channels PAINKILLER JANE and co-writer of DC’s JONAH HEX)

Issue #1: AUG07 1984, Issue #2: SEP07 1997, Issue #3: OCT07 2010, Issue #4: NOV07 2042

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