Very excited about the new Ennis/Erskine DAN DARE series! It’s been years since the 3d series I directed on (along with many other directors). I was a huge Dan Dare fan previous to landing the gig and even though the producers did some things with the show I would have done differently it was still a blast to get paid to work on Britain’s greatest adventurer. Unfortunately due to the folding of the first animation studio involved with the show (and the one who hired me to direct), lots of political stuff transpired that could have derailed my enthusiasm for the project but ultimately my love of Dan Dare won out. (that and my wife animated on it at the studio that took over and we got an awesome Dan Dare leather bomber jacket as our crew jacket). So bravo to Ennis, Erskine, and Virgin Comics for giving new life to Frank Hampson’s masterpiece.

garth ennis gary erskine virgin comics frank hampson

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