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Gutwrencher 1

By Dave Baxter

A high-school Ten Year Reunion is held and a small circle of friends
reunite, and talk each other into committing to an after-party sleepaway
with the larger crowd; an event that takes place (but of course!) in a
remote woodland area. Little do they know one of the members is possessed,
somehow, by a nail-studded wooden log that was inscribed by blood-red runes,
floating in a river. What has he been possessed by? What was that log? What
is “The Gutwrencher”? And why does he want all the high-school folks dead?

All those questions are promised to be answered in the second issue, but for
now, Gutwrencher 1 is a superb little opening. The supernatural threat
itself seems truly original, and completely unpredictable, which is
wonderful. It’s been a long time since I’ve stumbled across a truly unique
and unrecognizable enemy in a horror story. Major points for that alone.
Scripter Shannon Eric Denton (Graveslinger, The Revenant) gets kudos for
writing run-of-the-mill modern young folk chit-chatting for pages on end and
yet they tend to be at least partially likable, though nonetheless shallow.

A good start, and only a three-issue mini so not at all a major commitment.
Looks to be a fantastic horror short and one I’m dying to learn more about
come issue 2. The art by Anthony Hightower, I must say, is phenomenal, too.
It’s gorgeous and it’s very well suited to the bloody bits. So for that as
well, I can’t wait for the follow-up ish (there will be blood!).

GUTWRENCHER gets positive Scoop review!

“…it’s like an intelligent version of the teen horror genre that developed in the 1980s. If you like Freddy, Jason and their peers, you’ll want to make sure you check this one out.” – SCOOP/Diamond Galleries

GUTWRENCHER gets positive Newsarama review!

Every few years, there seems to be a revival of the horror genre. Now don’t
get me wrong, the genre is always there. However, with a few exceptions, it
is usually pretty bad. Right now seems to be the peak of one of those times
were all is good. What with Crawlspace, Hack/Slash, Freddy Vs. Jason Vs.
Ash, etc.; there are a lot of fun books being put out right now.

Gutwrencher is as capable as all of those. It seems to be regular slasher
fare, with a much more easy to take party scene then the one in Cloverfield.
However, something about having the slasher’s face blacked out gives the
book a spookier edge. It just doesn’t set right, adding a sinister feel to
his talk to himself antics. This issue is mostly exposition; with the origin
of the slasher and a focus on the victims. The promise of the series comes
in those three names in the story by line and this issue’s cover along with
the tease of 2’s.

The art really makes it stand out though. Hightower has a shaky indie come
Deodato line, but Carlos Badilla’s colors add texture and intensifying
shadows. It would almost be Top Cow like, but it is a little more subtle;
giving more meaning to facial expressons. Instead of pure sheen, it stops
short and gives the book ambience.

I recently read a review that talked about being hesitant of first issues.
Problem with that mentality is that a reveiw is supposed to be giving an
idea to other folks as to whether or not the book is worth their $3.50. It’s
a cop out to tell them to wait until they’ve spent $7.00. Sure a first issue
is going to be exposition heavy, that’s the point. A good story will also
grab you and bring you back for the next issue. This comic takes a fairly
typical idea and turns it into something special. I, for one, will be back
next issue.

Positive GUTWRENCHER review on Comics Waiting Room!

” …with GUTWRENCHER, I think they’ve finally found a worthy entry. It’s a keeper.”

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