ACES: CURSE OF THE RED BARON from AiT featured on MySpace Comics!

That’s a link to our cool preview of ACES: CURSE OF THE RED BARON featured on MySpace Comics. Check it out and let us know what you think! Thanks!

ACES: Curse of the Red Baron TPB from AiT/Planet Lar! (MAR08 3393)

World War I. Amid the bloodshed, a British flying ace and an American infantryman steal a map from the body of the Red Baron…a map they believe leads to his lost treasure. The two adventurers desert their posts and embark on a remarkable quest that leads them into enemy territory, past vanishing islands, secret organizations, and confronting the ghost of the map’s previous owner . . . the Red Baron! This graphic novel is brought to you by Shannon Eric Denton, G. Willow Wilson, Curtis Square-Briggs, and publisher AiT/Planet Lar!

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