The REVENANT returns!

The Revenant is coming!
Alert your local retailer!

The all-new new graphic novel ‘The Revenant’ is in the latest Diamond Catalog (JUL08 3913). This is the graphic novel from Desperado Publishing.

The bad men of Sapphire City have forgotten what it means to be afraid, rising to power by ruthlessly cutting down the innocent. Now, on the eve of the city’s Day of the Dead celebration, one long thought buried has returned, a ghoulish gunslinger called…The Revenant.

Rob “One Man Mob” Worley wrote the book from a concept and story by “Killer” Keith Giffen and Shannon Eric “The Shiv” Denton.

Mat “Saint Loco” Santolouco made the art.

“Mr. Big” Chris Wood is doing the colors. Ed “The Duke of Death” Dukeshire is lettering.

The whole shooting match is 112 pages and a steal at $14.99! Order yours today!
(JUL08 3913)

“Scarier than ‘The Shadow’ and more sadistic than ‘The Spider’, ‘The Revenant’ grabs the pulp genre by the neck, twists it till it cracks, and then drags it into the 21st century. With a mysterious hero, ultra-violent action, really bad bad guys and, of course, it’s super sexy ladies, what more can you ask for in a comic?”

— F.J. DeSanto, SVP of Production and Development for Comic Book Movies and Co-Producer of WILL EISNER’S THE SPIRIT

“In the spirit of the Shadow, and perhaps in the shadow of the Spirit, comes a new ghastly avenger… the Revenant. This book pays homage to the great vengeful heroes of the past, while creating a thoroughly engaging universe of terror. The Day of the Dead has arrived!”

— Hans Rodionoff – Screenwriter of “LOST BOYS 2” and writer of Vertigo’s “Mnemovore” and “Lovecraft”

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