RUE MORGUE spills BLOOD (colored ink) over THE REVENANT

The book featuring my creation THE REVENANT keeps gettin’ good press, this time from Rue Morgue Magazine! The “Quick Cut” featured in their Blood in Four Colours column isn’t online so I’m presenting it here:

“Mexico’s Dia de los Muertos is fertile ground for horror. The Revenant milks the holiday’s potential when the ghost of a murdered gang member returns to settle old scores. Cinematic in its telling, the book is at its heart a gorefest (the aquarium kill in particular is a gruesome treat), but with its whodunnit trail of clues it owes almost as much to Detective Comics and Dick Tracy as it does to Nightmare on Elm Street. Bright colours invoke the festival’s essence, and Mat Santolouco’s art, though sometimes cartoony, manages to keep things dark. Downsides? It starts slow and Fredd Krueger did the punny dialogue better. But the multiple twists will keep you guessing at the killer’s identity and make for a fun ride.”

— Mark Moyes

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