ACTIONOPOLIS Launches Heir To Fire: Zephyr Mesa!

I am proud to announce that ACTIONOPOLIS just published the Long-Awaited HEIR TO FIRE Sequel, HEIR TO FIRE: Zephyr Mesa

The Highly Anticipated Sequel to the Fan Favorite Junior Novel – Now Available on Kindle

ACTIONOPOLIS, LLC announced today the highly-anticipated sequel Heir to Fire: Zephyr Mesa with a Kindle edition first printing. The book is written by Rob M. Worley. Rob, the writer of a diverse range of comics for nearly every publisher and audience, returns readers to the Arizona desert town of Gila Flats, home to invading spiders, giant lizards and young Ryan Morales who may just be mankind’s last hope. Heir to Fire: Zephyr Mesa simultaneously releases in downloadable e-book apps compatible on iPad, iPhone, PC, Mac, Kindle, and Android readers.

HEIR TO FIRE: ZEPHYR MESA – Ryan Morales and the town of Gila Flats are still reeling from the events of the first book. Having harnessed his fire abilities he’s dispatched the spider invaders that threatened to snatch the citizens of his town. Now something new trespasses on his home,  this time not from under the earth, but from high in the sky. Ryan must travel to Zephyr Mesa to confront these new visitors who may just hold the secrets of his lost heritage and the key to his destiny as the Heir to Fire!

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