ACTIONOPOLIS launches Henrietta Hex: Shadows From The Past!

I am proud to announce that ACTIONOPOLIS just published HENRIETTA HEX: Shadows From The Past – The Highly Anticipated First Book in the series – Now Available on Kindle

ACTIONOPOLIS, LLC launches the eagerly anticipated Henrietta Hex: Shadows from the Past with a Kindle edition first printing. Steven Philip Jones, author of the Young Adult fantasy-adventure novels Talismen: The Knightmare Knife and Wizard Academies: The House with the Witch’s Hat, introduces readers to Henrietta Hex: Shadows From The Past, a new fantasy about a young paranormal investigator who can see and speak with ghosts.  Henrietta Hex simultaneously releases in downloadable e-book apps compatible on iPad, iPhone, PC, Mac, Kindle, and the Android readers.

HENRIETTA HEX – Folks living in and around the tiny seaport of Spouke’s Hollow, Maine often refer to it as “Spooks Hollow.”  The town has more than its share of things that go bump in the night, as young Henrietta Heckes finds out after she moves there with her mother from Boston.  Henrietta also discovers that she is a medium who can communicate with spirits from the town’s past, including the vengeful ghost of a former medium who would like to destroy Spooks Hollow.

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