Our Rampage Jackson TPB in Previews! (AUG15 0459)

I worked hard on this book to craft stories with talented writers/artists to make Rampage’s book as awesomely over the top and fun as he is so I especially enjoyed this quote! “On any given page, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson is either fighting a mutated dinosaur, stopping evil clones of himself, turning into a werewolf, or traveling through a villain’s electrified body into interdimensional space.
Kudos to Shannon Eric Denton, Mike Baron, Barbara Randall Kesel, Marc Bernardin, Adam Freeman, Fabian Nicieza, Tom Peyer, Martin Pasko, Adam Beechen, Leonardo Romero, Fabiano Neves, David Gorden, Lorenzo Lizana, and everyone else who teamed up here to bring superheroes back.” -Jesse Post #comics  #IDW   #LionForge   #RampageJackson



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