Publishers Weekly likes THE REVENANT in this week’s Panel Mania!

“An avenging ghost hunts down a gangster who wronged him in this seven-page excerpt from The Revenant, a mix of the superhero and horror genres. The 112-page graphic novel, conceived by Shannon (Eric) Denton and Keith Giffen, written by Rob Worley and illustrated by Mat Santolouco will be released by Desperado Publishing this month.”Publishers Weekly


“THE REVENANT is a darkly humorous and thrilling tale that consistently keeps the reader laughing, guessing and horrified at nearly every turn. This books manages to blend the classic ghost-takes-revenge story idea, a whodunnit mystery and plenty of action sequences into a seamless, fast-paced and immensely enjoyable read.”

– Avril Brown, Comics Waiting Room

Coming this September from DESPERADO PUBLISHING

JUL08 3913
ISBN-10: 1935002112
ISBN-13: 978-1935002116

The bad men of Sapphire City have forgotten what it means to be afraid, rising to power by ruthlessly cutting down the innocent. Now, on the eve of the city’s Day of the Dead celebration, one long thought buried has returned, a ghoulish gunslinger called…THE REVENANT.

Rob “One Man Mob” Worley wrote the book from a concept and story by “Killer” Keith Giffen and Shannon Eric “The Shiv” Denton.

Mat “Saint Loco” Santolouco made the art.

“Mr. Big” Chris Wood is doing the colors. Ed “The Duke of Death” Dukeshire is lettering.

The whole shooting match is 112 pages and a steal at $14.99! Order yours today!


WORLD OF QUEST TP VOL 02 on page 347 of Diamond’s PREVIEWS ( AUG08 4446 )

* SBN-10: 0759528896
* ISBN-13: 978-0759528895

Yes, that’s right! The second volume of THE WORLD OF QUEST is in the September PREVIEWS for books shipping in November! We are working on season two of the animated series right now so it’s an exciting time for Quest and Nestor!

And don’t forget you can still pick up the first volume of WORLD OF QUEST! Ask for it!

ISBN-10: 0759524025
ISBN -13: 978-0759524026

Diamond Item Code: (SEP07 4082)



X-FILES, Chris Carter, Frank Spotnitz and me!

At the recent San Diego ComicCon I had the joy of getting to hang out with my fellow X-Files comic book creators; Chris Carter, Frank Spotnitz, and art buddy Brian Denham! Getting to work on this comic with them (and colorist Kelsey Shannon) has been a blast. I am a huge fan of the show so it’s been extremely rewarding to work on this book and I couldn’t be prouder. Check out the preview on Entertainment


THE PULLBOX read ‘The Revenant’ …and loved it!

The book is a thrill ride… page to page action! The break-neck pacing is supported by some beautiful art that pops in all the right ways… from urban landscapes to decapitations, every page is on the money. This book is like the Sopranos meets the X-files with and integration of classic pulps that does nothing but enhance everything present.”

Grade: no-brainer A

The bad men of Sapphire City have forgotten what it means to be afraid, rising to power by ruthlessly cutting down the innocent. Now, on the eve of the city’s Day of the Dead celebration, one long thought buried has returned …a ghoulish gunslinger called The Revenant!

Written by Rob M. Worley from a story and concept by Shannon Eric Denton and EISNER AWARD WINNER Keith Giffen. Art by Mateus Santolouco.

* Paperback: 112 pages
* Publisher: Desperado Publishing
* ISBN-10: 1935002112

ACES: Curse of the Red Baron positively reviewed!

That’s right, you can check out some of the positive ink we’ve received and share the love with all your friends!

“…this book is really cool. I told you after all the words that I will use to describe it, cool is all that really needs to be said.” – BROKEN FRONTIER

“…Aces is done well, taking the strengths of its inspiration genres and creating a story that grabs the reader by the collar from the start, letting them know that an hour’s worth of reading fun awaits.” – THE COMIC TREADMILL

“…All this happy foolishness’d would play well on the big screen…” – BLOGCRITICS MAGAZINE

“The story is wonderfully put together…” – SUCKA

“Highly recommended for those of you who love your pulp and wartime stories served with a bit of flair and a strong feeling of high adventure.” – AIN’T IT COOL NEWS

ACES: Curse of the Red Baron TPB from AiT/Planet Lar! (MAR08 3393)

# ISBN-10: 193205152X
# ISBN-13: 978-1932051520

World War I. Amid the bloodshed, a British flying ace and an American infantryman steal a map from the body of the Red Baron…a map they believe leads to his lost treasure. The two adventurers desert their posts and embark on a remarkable quest that leads them into enemy territory, past vanishing islands, secret organizations, and confronting the ghost of the map’s previous owner . . . the Red Baron! This graphic novel is brought to you by Shannon Eric Denton, G. Willow Wilson, Curtis Square-Briggs, and publisher AiT/Planet Lar!

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