OUTLAW TERRITORY in stores June 24th

Really excited to finally get my hands on this book. I did some art for this one and writing for the second one a ways back (it’s an anthology book with loads of stories from a plethora of creators).

The book is a massive 240 pages! Be sure and reserve your copy today!

Publisher: Image Comics
ISBN-10: 1607060043
ISBN-13: 978-1607060048

Shannon Eric Denton nominated for 27th Annual ComicBuyersGuide Fan Awards!

27th Annual ComicBuyersGuide Fan Awards!


Somehow I made it on this list so whichever one of you put me on here, thanks!

The nominated favorites of 2008 (in alphabetical order in each category) are:

Favorite Editor

Scott Allie
Tom Brevoort
Shannon ERIC Denton
Chris Ryall
Steven Wacker

The direct link to the voting booth:(hint hint)

WORLD OF QUEST nominated for a CFTPA Indie Award 2009!

The show I’m a producer and writer on, “World of Quest” has both been nominated by the Canadian Film and Television Production Association- in the category of ‘Best Children’s and Youth Programme or Series’ for a CFTPA Indie Award 2009! This project has been a blast all the way from selling them the show, to publishing the comic, to getting the show on the air, to this! Best to Jason T. Kruse, Roland Poindexter, Megan Casey, Michelle Melanson, and everyone that was with us since the beginning on this one.

Star Wars: Luke Skywalker, Last Hope for the Galaxy–From Tatooine to Dark Empire HC

Star Wars: Luke Skywalker, Last Hope for the Galaxy–From Tatooine to Dark Empire HC

Luke Skywalker’s greatest adventures from over thirty years of comics are compiled in a single slipcased hardcover! And I contributed! It’s my fanboy dream come true. This book is gorgeous.

A deluxe edition worthy of the hero who saved the galaxy, this massive volume follows Luke Skywalker on his journey from the moisture farms of Tatooine to the final days of the Dark Empire! Each story painstakingly selected from every Luke Skywalker comic ever published–from Marvel’s first issue to Dark Horse’s latest-this masterpiece collection is the ultimate portrait of one of the most widely known and widely loved heroes of modern mythology!

“Luke Skywalker’s Walkabout” — Dark Horse Presents Annual 1999 (We got the opening slot! This is the story I contributed to. Woohoo.)
“Falling Star” — Tales #15
“The Day After the Death Star” — Marvel UK Star Wars #97-99
“The Return of Ben Kenobi” — Classic Star Wars #10-11
“Crucible” — Marvel Star Wars #17
“General Skywalker” — Empire #26-27
“The Wrong Side of the War” — Empire #36-40
“My Brother, My Enemy” — Rebellion #1-5
“Riders in the Void” — Marvel Star Wars #38
“Splinter of the Mind’s Eye”
“Shira’s Story” — Marvel Star Wars #60-63
“Duel With a Dark Lady” — Marvel Star Wars #95-97
“Dark Empire”
“The Boy I Once Was” — Chewbacca #4

* All of the most exciting, most significant stories of Luke Skywalker are here in this breathtaking oversized hardcover. Never has there been a more magnificent assemblage of Star Wars comics, or a more perfect prize for any Star Wars fan! Check it out if ya can.

Epic, 800 page Skywalker hardcover!
Publication Date: September 17, 2008
Format: FC, 800 pages, HC, 7 1/4″ x 10 3/4″
Price: $99.95
Age range: 12+
ISBN-10: 1-59582-151-1
ISBN-13: 978-1-59582-151-5